Provigil for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a general notion encompassing a variety of conditions characterized by excessive fatigue and other symptoms that do not have a precise cause or health condition lying at their base. CFS is generally described by symptoms such as fatigue, extreme mental and mind weakness, inability to concentrate, constant drowsiness, muscle pain and headache, sleep disorders, depression, increased sensitivity to light, sound, touch or smell, digestive or cardiovascular disorders and many other. Each case of CFS tend to be unique and it's still unknown what is the origin of this health problem that is estimated to affect about a million of Americans.

Because this syndrome is characterized by constant drowsiness and inability to concentrate using stimulating drugs like Provigil seems like a logic option. Doctors tend to prescribe drugs that promote wakefulness and increase the person's ability to concentrate, however the actual choice of the drug depends on the exact situation and symptoms experienced by the patient. Provigil may be used too but it's really important what are the main symptoms in the present situation.

Provigil has shown to be quite helpful in patients with daytime sleepiness problems, inability to concentrate, constant fatigue and lack of productivity. Doctors who have used this drug to treat their CFS patients have reported that Provigil may be quite effective in some patients while in others it may have no significant improvement or cause the condition to get worse. The worsening of condition usually takes place in patients with pronounced sleep disorders such as insomnia or fragmented sleep. Because Provigil is a central nervous system stimulant it promotes activity and mild agitation that isn't very good if you have nighttime sleeping problems. That's why it is very important for the doctor to know about all the symptoms of the condition before prescribing the patient with any drug.

Provigil may provide a good support to your treatment plan if you're struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome. Since this health condition is quite hard to classify and the causes of it are still unclear to specialists the only possible way to deal with it is to try to eliminate its symptoms as effectively as possible. Provigil is known as a very effective stimulant that promotes wakefulness, eliminates daytime drowsiness and increases the ability to concentrate and be active. So it really make sense to discuss the use of Provigil with your doctor if you have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome.